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Data Verification
To ensure that District Data Coordinators and district staff have the most recent information pertaining to the Date Warehouse and Data Verification this page will provide you with important announcements. Additionally, all past announcements are archived at the bottom of the page for your reference.

Required Reporting:   NYSED Information and Reporting Calendar

New Resource - The NYS Longitudinal Data System Technical Assistance Center has resources related to L0 Historical, District Data Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities along with twitter feeds, news and SED data memos.

NEW!  Spring 2014 Data Warehouse Workshop Powerpoint Presentation  

  Datareadiness Support
  (315) 361-2700
EOY SIRS Reporting Deadlines for 13-14
Thursday August 7, 2014 - Target date to complete all reporting to SIRS (Excluding VR11, VR12, & VR14 SE Events)
Thursday August 21, 2013 - FINAL date to submit changes to SIRS
Thursday August 29, 2014 - SIRS Certification will be due

Please reveiw and verify ALL L2RPT (Cognos - State Reports) prior to the submission dates above.
August 11th - Data Conference
Please be sure to register for our upcoming Data Conference: DDI 2.0 Next Gen Data Analysis & Conversations to be held on August 11th at Rome Free Academy in Rome NY. Click here for more details
Early Release of Instructional Reports for the 2014 Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics Testing Program
The New York State Department of Education has authorized the early release of instructional reports for the 2014 Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Testing Program. Examples of the Instructional Reports area districts will have access to, based on this directive, include: “Performance Report with Gap Analysis”, “Constructed Response Distribution of Points Awarded”, “Item Response Analysis per Student” and a “P-Value Report”.  Click here for the memo from Ken Wagner. A short video was developed to highlight this exciting news.  Please access the video on the homepage of our website:
Reports will be made available to districts served by the Mohawk Regional Information Center through the regional Cognos environment on Thursday, July 24. Please contact the MORIC Help Desk at (315) 361-2700 to access data analysis support. 

Updated TSDL Training materials
Based upon information recently released in the new APPR Guidance regarding the reporting of Staff Student Course records for suspended and homebound students (question M26), two of our TSDL Training Tools have been updated, the: (1) Determining Teacher of Record Reference Guide; and (2) TSDL Components: Staff.

The Determining Teacher of Record Reference Guide has been updated in the "Suspended/Medical Leave/Homebound" section of Page 1 as well as the "Back to the home instruction issue..." on Page 2. The TSDL Components: Staff tutorial now includes a link to the updated Determining Teacher of Record Reference Guide.

The materials can be found at this webpage: Or, they can be accessed from - Training Tools - Teacher Student Data Linkage and Course Information.

Updated Metrics and Expectations for 2014-2015
Last week NYSED updated the 2014-15 metrics and expectations document. This document is meant to support educators' focus and energy as they implement the new education initiatives with a focus on the Common Core and includes new roles and actions to support that work. The document can be found at
Grade 4 & 8 Science Results
Analysis reports for the 2014 NYS Grade 4 & 8 Science results are now aavailable in Cognos.
  • Performance results can be found under [3-8 Assessment Reports - Assessment or Regents Test by Standard Achieved ]
  • An Item Analysis can be found under [ 3-8 Assessment Reports - By Skill - Percent Correct by Skill ]
L2RPT Connectivity Tues 7/8
Please be aware that we are currently experiencing intermittent/unpredictable connectivity issues to L2RPT (Cognos – State Reports).

We believe the intermittent connectivity problems to the Level 2 databases has been resolved.

Regents Results due to SED:
Please review SIRS-309 (Cognos – State Reports – Annual Outcomes) to ensure all of your Regents results have been reported.  Email with any additional export requests before Thursday July 10th. 
Updates to new and existing APPR resources
Dr. Julia Rafal-Baer, Assistant Commissioner, released the following resources to the field on Tuesday, July 1.
It is worth noting that section P of the comprehensive field guidance document speaks to some of the privacy elements associated with APPR. Section Q speaks specifically to guidance around the safety net structure and calculations.
APPR Guidance, July 1 Update -
Teach More, Test Less letters and FAQ -
The "Updates ..." memo (also attached to this message)-

Level 0 Historical Informational Landing Page
An informational landing page for Level 0 Historical has been added to the IRS Web (see, and associated links have been updated, including on the IRS Data Reporting page (
Version 9.15 of SIRS Manual Released
An updated version of the SIRS Manual 9.15 [Revised 6/26/2014] has been posted at:
This version accounts for Common Core Regents Exam codes and reporting, specifically reflected on pages 202-203, 208, 212-217.

Common Core Materials Posted

We have posted for your use many documents related to the Common Core Regents Exams in ELA and Algebra I, including the exams in their entirety, Scoring Keys and Rating Guides, Annotated Exam Questions, and the Conversion Charts.

Please note that the conversion chart for Algebra I shows the raw score, scale score, and performance level. However, the conversion chart for ELA has the weighted raw score, scale score, and performance level. In order to ensure an appropriate distribution of credits across the Regents Exam in ELA, each part is weighted. For more information about the weightings, see page 10 of the Test Guide at

The Regents Exam in Algebra I (Common Core), Scoring Key and Rating Guide, Annotated Exam Questions, and Conversion Chart are found at

The Regents Exam in English Language Arts (Common Core), Scoring Key and Rating Guide, Annotated Exam Questions, and Conversion Chart are found at

In addition, a summary of the standard setting process that resulted in the approved cut scores is posted at

Please share this information as appropriate.
Thank you for your assistance with this important and challenging work,
Ken Wagner
Regents Reminders
Please be reminded that the deadline for submission of all Regents and alternate to Regents Exam data is Friday, July 11, 2014. These data are required for principal evaluation and other important measurement work.

The conversion chart for the Common Core Regents exams will be posted to OSA's website on or by Rating Day (June 26th): It is understood that this presents a need for great efficiency.

schooltool :Regents Results - Import Reminder
Regents test results will automatically be imported and linked to student records and/or courses as appropriate in schooltool.  This import should take place within 48 hours of the beginning of the scanning process.  A verification will be sent to each district’s scanning contact(s) as this process is completed. 

Please note: Common Core tests that were sent to DRC for processing will not be imported.  These results will need to be manually entered by districts when received.

Please contact Dan Chmielewski if you have any questions or concerns regarding this process.  It should remain largely unchanged from previous years.

*** All Regents score results are due to SED on or before Thursday July 10th. ***

Save the Date- DDI Data Conference 8/11/14
MORIC will be hosting a DDI Data Conference with keynote speaker Kristin Huff "The Life of an Assessment." Mark your calendars to join us on August 11, 2014 at Rome Free Academy in Rome NY.  Click here for more details.
Certification of TSDL and Staff Assignment data
2013-14 Statement of Certification of Teacher Student Data Linkage and Staff Assignment Verification Reports in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS) is now posted on the IRSP for districts, BOCES, and charter schools. The certification is due Friday June 13th. A reminder -  this certification must be submitted electronically - not via paper.

Please click here for an important memo regarding APPR reporting timelines and instructions for accessing the 2013-14 APPR Implementation Certification form.
3 year enrollment summaries
 3 year enrollment summary reports have been posted to the IRSP for public school districts with titles listed below:
3 year BEDS enrollment summary (main report)
3 year BEDS enrollment summary charter school district of residence (only if applicable)
3 year BEDS enrollment summary charter school district of attendance  (only if applicable)
3 year BEDS enrollment summary nonpublic school district of residence  (only if applicable)
3 year BEDS enrollment summary nonpublic school district of attendance  (only if applicable)
At a minimum, all districts should receive the 3 Year BEDS Enrollment Summary Report.  The report displays three years of BEDS Day enrollment and free and reduced price lunch eligible counts based on data reported via the SIRS and BEDS on-line data systems (Fall 2011 to Fall 2013). 
This report will be refreshed with data from SIRS on a weekly basis, as applicable, until the final Fall 2013 SIRS/BEDS on-line data is extracted in August.  If charter or nonpublic schools are located within your district and/or resident students from your district attend charter or nonpublic schools, there will be supplemental reports displaying these data for your district.  For additional information please visit – Latest News.
2013-14 LEP or ELL student counts
English Language Learner (ELL) Student Counts for 2014-15 NCLB Title III LEP Allocations:
LEA Verification report should be available on the IRSP ( - Information and Reporting Services Portal (IRSP)).

This verification report displays counts of the LEP eligible students in Level 2 of the Student Information Repository System (SIRS) as of the latest data refresh.  These data must be verified and corrected prior to the final data pull of June 20, 2014.  For more information please see:

Important notice – Requesting Data loads to Level 2
District Data Coordinators are reminded that data is loaded to Level 2 weekly on Fridays, with refreshed L2RPT reports available on the following Monday. ANY data you want loaded to Level 2 and therefore available on L2RPT reporting must meet the following requirements:

Data must be error free, locked and a request made to by 4:30 PM on Thursday. 

While Friday requests to load data will be accepted, please note that requests made before Noon may be loaded to Level 2, but are not guaranteed. If your request to load and send data to Level 2 is received after Noon on Friday, it will not be processed until the following week. 

L2RPT Reports update
The following reports have been updated/added in the Cognos- State Reports:

Total Cohort Reports (SIRS 201, 202) – reports have been updated to include the 2013, 2012 and 2011 cohorts (1, 2 and 3 year outcomes, respectively).  These will be subject to verification/certification in August.

Accountability Reports – SIRS 103 added – NYSESLAT Participation for Recently Arrived LEP Students (only 12-13 data is available at this time)

New L2RPT (Cognos – State Reports) Reports:

FRPL Report:

-          BEDS (SIRS-323) Free and Reduced Price Lunch Eligible Students Enrolled on BEDS Day

o   Additional L2RPT SEDDAS entitlement required for access to this report

§  Please see “Creating and Entitling L2RPT Users” for more details at:

o   Data should be Submitted and Verified by mid-May, final submission May 29th

Post-Secondary information reports:

-          SIRS-601 Postsecondary Enrollment Summary

-          SIRS-602 Postsecondary Enrollment and Progress of Student by High School Cohort

-          SIRS-604 Postsecondary Graduation Summary

Records for students are matched to college enrollment provided to the NYSED by National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). NSC records are provided by college semester for an academic year, students may have been enrolled in more than one institution during the same academic year.

Updated Graduation Requirement Chart
 The following link will take you to the revised diploma requirements chart available on the Curriculum and Instruction Website.  The chart has only one revision to footnote h, which lists the mathematics examination combinations leading to a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  In February, the Board of Regents  adopted a revised regulation that now includes Mathematics Regents Examinations aligned to the Common Core in the three examination combinations.  
Quick Reference TSDL/TSRV Data Flow
  Click here for a Quick Reference related to the Data Flow related to TSDL/TSRV.
What is Level 0? An Introductory Video for new users.
Monthly Updates
 How To Files
Documents with detailed instructions related to accessing resources and using the associated reports.
Level 0 Authorization Form

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